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1.     Magnolia

2.     El Paso

3.     Plaid Coat

4.     Honduras

5.     Ringing Dark And True

6.     Pickles

7.     Everybody’s Missing The Sun (Lofgren) – Claude *

8.     Cracklins

9.     Tex Mex Mile

10.  Drop What I’m Doing

11.  Gangsta Lean

12.  LGO

13.  Do 4 U

14.  Hellhounds

15.  All The Labor

16.  Take Me Back To Tulsa (Wills) **

17.  Maria **

18.  Goodbye San Francisco, Hello Amsterdam (Sahm)**

19.  At The Crossroads (Sahm) **

20.  Copper Mine **

21.  Lower 48

22.  All In The Pack

23.  Burn The Honeysuckle



24.  Werewolves Of London (Zevon) - Claude

25.  Loving Cup (Rolling Stones)


* Orig Setlist had “? Max”  ** Not on orig. Setlist

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